Tipkovnica bežična Marvo KG972W Bijela
Tipkovnica bežična Marvo KG972W Bijela
Tipkovnica bežična Marvo KG972W Bijela
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Tipkovnica bežična Marvo KG972W Bijela

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• The Marvo KG972W is a 95 keys/98% layout of the complete and best custom mechanical keyboard with our innovative and patented seal design. We have achieved a high quality gasket mount keyboard with great sound, comfortable adjustability and durable construction that offers a superior experience at a great price!
• The silicone Sandwich Gasket pad, sandwiched between the case and the PCB board, eliminates the disadvantage of the traditional design of having no support in the main typing area, and absorbs shock with every keystroke. The silicone lining maximises the sealing function of the sealing design, creating a softer typing feel and raindrop-like typing sounds. Unwanted noise can be reduced without changing the tactile feel. The pads do not interfere with the switch mechanism, which means that the stability of the keys is not compromised.
• The Marvo KG972W 98% three-mode layout meets the user's need for separate arrow, function and number keys. The 95-key layout provides the smoothest habit curve and develops efficiency in gaming and work.
• The custom mechanical keyboard kit has three connection modes: Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G and USB. Reliable and fast connection to desktops, tablets and other devices. Bluetooth allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time and switch between multiple devices. Compatible with Apple, Microsoft and Android devices.
• A custom-wound Marvo KG972W USB computer cable that's also designed to match your keyboard, so it doesn't matter what type of configuration you're working with. The cable is durable and flexible, and the coiled design makes it easy to install cables in different spaces. There are three cable outlets on the bottom of the keyboard to suit all your desk setups.
• HOT-SWAPPABLE switches are mounted on a printed circuit board, so you can install or replace the switches without soldering. The PCB specifically supports both 3- and 5-pin MX mechanical switches to easily support a variety of mechanical switches.
• You can quickly customize your keyboard and replace the switches you want on your keyboard.
• * Compatible with almost all SMD-LED style MX mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Kailh, etc.)
• The KG972W features multiple RGB lighting modes that can be easily switched with simple shortcuts. With the included software you can create your own RGB effects. With the software you can set all kinds of keyboard key functions, record macros and customise your own function keys if you wish.
• Size: 387 x 140 x 45 mm
• Weight: 945 g
• Material: ABS
• Key caps: 95 keys double injection molded PBT keys
• Battery capacity: 3000 mA
• Compatible with: Win/MAC/AN
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